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    • Checking the membrane wall tubes for flow in the CHP plant of Stadtwerke München GmbH

      In May 2017, SIGMA was awarded a contract by utility company Stadtwerke München GmbH to inspect the membrane wall tubes in boiler of Munich's Freimann combined heat and power plant.

      The scope of performance comprised the following:

      • The creation of a measurement point list
      • The performance of measurements on site
      • The logging of all measurements
      • The final evaluation of the measurement results

      At the start of July 2017, a total of 690 membrane wall tubes, each measuring 44.5 x 4 mm, were inspected with respect to flow.

      The Fluxus F601 portable ultrasonic flowmeter from Flexim was the measuring instrument used.

      With two flow channels, two membrane wall tubes were able to be checked at the same time.

      The inspection took 120 seconds per measurement point.

      The trend of the current flow was plotted with the aid of a display recorder.

      The measurement results were logged by SIGMA in a measurement point list and then evaluated.




    • ROWE mineral oil factory

      In 2012, SIGMA was awarded the planning contract for the EI&C engineering for a new oil plant that was being constructed by the German company ROWE in Worms.

      At the start of 2013, the basic engineering phase began.

      This involved determining the requirements and the quantities needed for the EI&C components. With respect to instrumentation, this meant the design of the fill level, pressure, temperature, flow and weighing instruments. In addition, the requirements for control and process control components, recipe management and logging were determined. In close consultation with the customer, a redundancy concept was created and the control room equipment planned. Work was also started on the preliminary planning of the control cabinets.

      To complete the planning contract, a detailed set of specifications was handed over to the customer in May 2013.

      In summer 2013, SIGMA was also tasked with implementing the project.

      During the detail engineering phase, 79 control cabinets and 2 server cabinets were planned, built, delivered and set up. SIGMA also took on project and site management activities for the EI&C engineering and carried out the project engineering of the PCS7 process control system. This process control system comprises two redundantly designed S7-417H controllers, a redundant server pair, a web server and two operating clients with multi-monitor connection.

      A total of 260 kilometres of cable was laid for the project.

      The plant was put into operation by Sigma and the operating staff received an induction and training during the production start-up phase.

      As 2013 ended and 2014 began, reduced production capacity was required, which was also able to be realised.

      Afterwards, production was continually expanded until all installation work was completed in October 2015.

      To this day, SIGMA continues to carry out the plant's annual maintenance work for the EI&C engineering.

    • Enhancing productivity through manufacturing intelligence

      SIGMA uses manufacturing intelligence and contextualised, flexible reporting to help customers enhance their productivity.
      Our team in Marburg has succeeded in developing a piece of software for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry which enables the customised processing of distributed plant data.
      It allows information on extensive production sites to be provided for users from different areas.

      The article on our work was published by our partner Rockwell Automation.

      An article concerning this project also appeared in the online magazine "IT & Production".